Nitrogen trifluoride gas msds sheets

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nitrogen trifluoride (NF 3).1 b. Should report the emissions of other, optional GHGs, including those GHGs regulated by the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, as long as: i. 100-year Global Warming Potential (GWP) values for these GHGs have been defined in IPCC Assessment Reports. ii.

Nitrogen trifluoride, gas weighs 0.003167 gram per cubic centimeter or 3.167 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of nitrogen trifluoride, gas is equal to 3.167 kg/m³; at 0°C (32°F or 273.15K) at standard atmospheric pressure. Note: This Material Safety Data Sheet is for Nitrogen supplied in cylinders with 33 cubic feet (935 liters) or less gas capacity (DOT - 39 cylinders). For For Nitrogen in large cylinders refer to Document Number 10061. Liquid Nitrogen Dosing; Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Oxygenation in Aquaculture; Cutting, Joining & Heating. Brazing and soldering; Cutting; Welding ; Connected Welding; Flame Heat Treatment for Fabrication; LASERLINE Global Gas Solutions ; Emissions Solutions. LOTOX; CIRRUS; Energy storage. Hydrogen Energy Storage; Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Freezing & Cooling Material Safety Data Sheet Nitrogen Trifluoride Section 1. Chemical product and company identification: Nitrogen Trifluoride Product Name: AIRGAS INC., on behalf of its subsidiaries Supplier 259 North Radnor-Chester Road Suite 100 Radnor, PA 19087-5283 1-610-687-5253: Synthetic/Analytical chemistry. Product use: 001079 MSDS# Nitrogen Trifluoride Safety Data Sheet (60.9KB) At Praxair, we develop the right grades for the right applications. Give us a call and we’ll help you get the most out of your nitrogen trifluoride gas.

Safety data sheet Nitrogen trifluoride Creation date : 28.01.2005 Version : 1.2 GB / E SDS No. : 091 Revision date : 27.02.2012 page 3 / 5 091 / EDV / 23.01.2012 to liquid splashes. Wear eye protection to EN 166 when using gases. Skin protection Hand protection Advice: Wear working gloves and safety shoes while handling containers. Nitrogen Trifluoride Section 4. First aid measures Ingestion :As this product is a gas, refer to the inhalation section. Protection of first-aiders:No action shall be taken involving any personal risk or without suitable training. Oxidizing Gas Mixture: Nitrogen Trifluoride 1-10% / Oxygen 90-99% Section 4. First aid measures Protection of first-aiders:No action shall be taken involving any personal risk or without suitable training. NITROGEN TRIFLUORIDE is a very powerful oxidizing agent. Presents dangerous fire hazard in the presence of reducing agents. Etches glass in the presence of moisture. Emits toxic and corrosive fumes of fluoride when heated to decomposition [Lewis, 3rd ed., 1993, p. 937]. Nitrogen trifluoride SDS Ref.: SDS-091-CLP Air Liquide UK Ltd. Station Road, Coleshill B46 1JY Birmingham United Kingdom 01675462424 EN (English) SDS Ref.: SDS-091-CLP 5/10 Nitrogen trifluoride (7783-54-2) DNEL: Derived no effect level (Workers) Acute - local effects, inhalation 44 mg/m³ Acute - systemic effects, inhalation 44 mg/m³ That’s why it’s so important for us to understand your business goals before we recommend a gas, so we can help you get the most out of your supply. Explore the pure gases, mixtures and handling equipment we offer and start getting more done today.