Intel xscale pxa270 datasheets

Sep 03, 2004 · Bob Giblett writes ” TRITON-270 measures only 31mm x 67.6mm x 4.2mm and runs Linux or Windows CE 5.0 — Boston, USA — September 1, 2004. Measuring just 1.2 x 2.6 x 0.16 inches, the TRITON-270 is a complete PXA270 computer on a DIMM200 module that has been optimised for mobile embedded designs where low-power […]

Since power dissipation inside a microprocessor is proportional to the square of the core voltage, Intel XScale processors implement DVM as a means to more efficiently utilize battery capacity. To support this power saving architecture, the ISL6271A integrates an I 2 C bus for communication with the host processor. As far as I can tell the 80303 is an enhancement of the i960 procecessor, it was quickly replaced by a XScale series device (IOP8034X) This particular one was found on the main board of a Dell PowerEdge 2600 dual Xeon server. Update: I found a datasheet for this, its core is an i960JT running at 100MHz

Intel Xscale PXA255 200 MHz. processor featuring low power consumption and high performance. The NP-606S has a 10 Base-T Ethernet port for responsive open communications. The NP-606S integrates Windows CE 4.2 (CE.NET) which expands its capabilities with vast embedded tools. Windows CE 4.2 features real time Media in category "XScale" The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total. Colibri Intel XScale PXA270 Single Board Computer Module.jpg 1,024 × 768; 69 KBPxa270 dev manual pdf Design specifications for a product in its initial stage of design and development.Intel PXA27x Processor Family Developers Manual. INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED IN CONNECTION WITH INTELR PRODUCTS. 3-5 23x23 mm PBGA Intel PXA270 Processor Package Top View. Intel Wireless MMX Technology Developers Guide.† Intel XScale PXA270, 520 MHz Operating System † Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 6.1 † Non-volatile, secure, stored in Flash, protected from accidental erasure † Available with in 16 languages including Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian ...Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Specification 4-29. Intel® PXA270 Processor Pin Listing and Signal Definitions. The address signals are driven low and data signals are pulled low during sleep, standby, deep- sleep, frequency-change modes, and manual self-refresh.Processor Intel Xscale PXA270, 312 MHz RAM Memory 64 MB SDRAM FLASH Memory 12 MB Serial Ports RS232 (9-pin DSUB), combined RS422/RS485 (25-pin DSUB) Ethernet One 10/100 Mbit TP-port USB Host One port for printer, keyboard, mouse, scanner. . . USB Device One port for future PC transfer function Memory Cards

64 MB RAM 64 MB flash memory increases business esteem significantly by guaranteeing greatest user efficiency Alphanumeric keypad allows prompt data input Batch connectivity Gathers data and uploads it back to the network all at once Streamline your business processes with an imager that point shoots with high performance scanning Windows CE 5.0 OS offers reliable and real time capabilities ... Buy INTERMEC CK3XAA4M000W4400 CK3 Series Mobile Computer / Intel XScale PXA270 520 MHz - 128 MB RAM - 512 MB Flash - 3.5" LCD - 51 Keys - Alphanumeric Keyboard - Wireless LAN with fast shipping and top-rated customer service.Sputnik 730 The Sputnik 730 is a compact, rugged network gateway that runs Sputnik Agent Pro fi rmware, and is capable of authenticating hundreds of concurrent users. Wired and wireless network end-users can be authenticated by the Sputnik 730. Service providers can leave existing wired and wireless networks in place—whether Wi-Fi, WiMAX ... Division, Intel Corporation. "This reference platform enables a wide range of customers to realize the benefits of high performance, low power Intel XScale® Technology." The PXA270-based vending platform and associated services are available now from CalAmp. Please contact [email protected] or 858.554.1400 for more information. About CalAmp Corp.