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Bases are chemical compounds that have a caustic action on plant and animal tissue. Sometimes a substance that is a base is called an alkali or alkaline. You can identify a base by its characteristics and its chemical formula. The pH is a measure of the strength of a base. Questions you may have include: What are the characteristics of bases?

equation, chemical: see chemical equation chemical equation, group of symbols representing a chemical reaction. Basic Notation Used in Equations The chemical equation 2H 2 +O 2 →2H 2 O represents the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to form water.

1. The coefficients of a chemical reaction indicate relative, not absolute, amounts of reactants and products. 2. The relative masses of the reactants and products of a chemical reaction can be determined from the reaction's coefficients. 3. The reverse reaction for a chemical equation has the same relative amounts of substances as the forward reaction. Name: Date: Chemical Formulas About Chemistry Write the chemical formula for the following compounds. 1. potassium carbonate

Formula weights are usually printed on the label and identified by the abbreviation f.w. Formula weight is the mass of material in grams that contains one mole of substance, and may include inert materials and/or the mass of water molecules in the case of hydrated compounds. CHEMICAL WEATHERING. Processes that affect the chemistry, and specifically the mineral content, of weathered rocks are called CHEMICAL WEATHERING.There are many types, but three basic ones, along with combinations of these three, adequately explain most chemical weathering.