Arizona mountain lion hunting.

Mountain Lion Hunts. Mountain lion hunting with hounds - the sound of fine trail hounds working a track, echoing through the rimrock canyons is an adventure in itself. Colorado has a growing lion population. License can be purchased upon arrival. We have had 99% harvest, an excellent opportunity to take a book lion.

Nov 02, 2012 ยท Arizona mountain lion. Posted on November 2, 2012 by spike. ... It is by far my favorite hunting unit. But, I got the lion in 20b a few miles west of Black Canyon ... A mountain lion hunt begins with the aid of L.J.'s big game hounds. Once the hounds pick up the scent of the mountain lion, the race is on, perhaps for a few miles before they tree or run and do battle on the ground. Nothing can be certain with a mountain lion chase.

Arizonans for Wildlife represents a broad coalition working to end the trophy hunting of wild cats. It is not the Arizona way to chase down mountain lions with packs of trailing hounds, or trap bobcats using archaic and painful devices. Jaguars, ocelots, and lynx can fall victim to these cruel methods as well.

We offer guided mountain lion hunts (cougar hunts) with our well trained hunting hounds using the weapon of your choice. Archery (bow hunting), hand gun or rifle. Winter mountain lion (cougar) hunts offer a great opportunity in the off season for big game hunting.