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Mar 13, 2019 · Google Sheets for Marketing Management. Sheets make for effective, affordable project management tools across your business. You can use them to set up an editorial content calendar, a paid ad campaign budget, or an overall project plan for all of your marketing activities with assigned owners.

Download this insightful identity resolution white paper from Winterberry Group to learn more about the evolution, current state and why resolving for identity is so critical to marketing success. Today is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is Gordon Graham – Enjoy! Ever seen a “white paper” on the web… and figured those are only for the big guys? Think again. A white paper is a 6- to 8-page marketing document that helps a prospective customer understand an ...

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White papers are amongst the top 10 tactics used by B2B content marketers. If you're not already creating white papers as a part of your content marketing strategy, the time to start is now. For over 47 years we have been designing and building completely flexible printed magnetic white board sales tracking and promotional visible board systems to plan, track, project, predict, measure, motivate and improve sales efforts. A marketing plan is a high-level document that guides your strategic initiatives and ensures your marketing goals are aligned with your overall business objectives. Use this pre-built marketing plan template to outline the purpose your business serves, as well as its strategic goals, target market, and standards of performance, to ensure you have a thorough and deliberate plan of action.