Akg c414 specs sheet on 2016

AKG Acoustics C 414 XLS Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. The C414-XLS is a multipattern FET condenser microphone, the latest in the ULS/XLS series of “linear/neutral” studio microphones. The primary new feature of the revised mic is that it offers 9 polar patterns, rather than five.

Mar 31, 2016 · Demo of the C414 Xlii Microphone with a La Patrie Concert Classical Guitar. Demo of the C414 Xlii Microphone with a La Patrie Concert Classical Guitar. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. I use this mic for Ukrainian bandura which is quite big 67 string and has bass register and strings which sounds like an harp. So this mic pics up very clearly all registers and sound is soft and warm. Also it douse not make any other third party noise. Easy to attach. Just glue it with the tape ...

Dec 21, 2005 · In part II, I will be discussing mics that are intended for or used primarily for drums, conga, Djembe, etc. There are many AKG mics which are more general purpose which have lots of uses on drums, such as D770, C414, C451, C2000B, and yes, even C1000S, but I will save general purpose condensers for part III. I covered handheld dynamics in part I. AKG C414 B-ULS. AKG C460B. Josephson Engineering C42. Milab DC63. MXL 604. Neumann KMi 84. Neumann TLM 103 2 . Neumann TLM 170 1. Neumann U47 1 . Neumann U47 FET 1 . Neumann U87 Ai 1 r. Neumann U87 Vintage 1 . Rode NT-5 3 C Tube Microphones Soundelux Elux 251 2 Tube. Telefunken ELA M 260 2 Tube. Wunder Audio CM67 2. Dynamic Microphones AKG D12 ... That said (while the only one of the three I still own is the C414 (not brass cap though more than 20 yr. old . . . & if I had more money than sense I would get a brass cap model (not to replace but in addition to I really like my pair of the 414s)) A reasonably priced (what ever that means) is probably, just slightly the better value (sort of) The AKG K-340 (not to be confused with the modern AKG K 340 earbud) was AKG’s top of the line headphone of the 1980s. Introduced in 1979, the K-340 took the basic design of the classic K-240 (which was very sophisticated in and of itself) and added the additional complication of a separate Electrostatic driver and associated crossover network. You didn't mention anyone using copper, though. Why, if something has to be copper plated, would you not just make the body out of copper? The only mic made of copper that I am aware of is the Josephson e22s, which, according to a spec sheet, is because of copper's relative strength.

The connector on this mic is not a Tuchel (sp) but a special design Cannon, exclusively made for the AKG models C12A, B, C412, and C414 comb. There was no exclusivity for the Tuchel company in supplying OEM connectors to European microphone companies. PriceMe will notify you when the price for AKG C414 XL II drops below $1,995.00. The AKG C414-XLS is still a fantastic all rounder with a characteristically smooth high end. It makes for a solid purchase for anyone looking to expand their mic collection and new recordists looking for a fantastic microphone to use on a wide range of sources. The C214 professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone has been designed as a cost-effective alternative to the high-end C414 family. Like the C414, the C214 offers a supreme one-inch capsule on an integrated suspension to reduce mechanical noise. A switchable 20dB attenuation pad allows recording of loud sources of up to 156dB SPL.