Iphone 4s 64gb only 57 gb.pl

It's strange... So if you've bought an iPhone 4s 64gb you will have Only 57gb available? Loosing 7gb? And a person that bought 4s 16gb looses 2gb only Having 14gb? If we have the same 4s phone with the same iOS 5 why we have different storage availability?

I love my 4S, only regret is that I should have gotten 64GB instead of 32GB If you're still within the return/exchange period you can always exchange the 32GB that you have for the 64GB. Sent from my iPhone 4S using Tapatalk.

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Apple iPhone X price in Bangladesh is confirmed. But iPhone X price in also announced for some countries. Apple iphone price in bangladesh are Tk 130,990(64GB) and Tk 150,500(256GB). The iPhone X will be made available in 64GB and 256GB configurations, as a way to fetch £999 and £1,149 within the UK, respectively. Apple iPhone 4S 64GB > - 512MB RAM | 64GB ROM - 3.5 inch HD Display - 8MP Primary Camera | 1MP Front iPhone Hacks - The #1 iOS Blog for the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Hacks, Apps, Jailbreaks, News, Rumors, Games, Reviews, Tweaks, Tips, Tricks, How-To Guides Original AppleiPhone Compatible Mobile Apple iPhone 4S 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB White Black (White, 8GB)