Bluestacks macros

Nov 21, 2019 · Formally introduced in BlueStacks version, macros are sequences of commands that you can record and reproduce at any time, and are useful tools for automating certain parts of a game. Even though AFK Arena is mostly meant to be played for a few minutes once or twice a day, there are still several macros we can use to streamline the gameplay even further.

Mar 31, 2014 · โปรแกรมคลิกออโต้ใน Bluestacks. Before you go ahead, please go through this article to get acquainted with the macro recorder of BlueStacks. Steps to merge macros 1) After recording a few discrete macros you may wish to merge some of them to combine their actions, Click on the merge macro button as shown below:

Macro on Bluestacks 3 I'm new here so bear with me guys :) I just switched to bluestacks 3 since it really uses my pc ressources which means i just can't have any fps/animations issues not like other emulators, they just don't use any ressources even if i give them max cpu/ram possible. Nov 10, 2014 · Top 10 Gadgets Every White & Black Hat Hacker Use & Needs In Their Toolkit - Duration: 8:47. TECH Anonymous Expect us! Recommended for you Aug 20, 2017 · HiroMacro is available on Android devices with auto-touch macro. Script by recording a user’s touch to create jobs, and it can be played repeatedly. Using a simple scripting language. You can easily implement powerful features. In order to use the HiroMacro Android devices should be rooting. HiroMacro must have root permission.

To Make/Copy a script, click the mouse icon in the toolbar to bring up the Macro Recorder feature; Press the record button, click the screen 2x, then click stop. You will now see something that says "My Script1" Close MEmu app player for the next step