Rtn 380 datasheets

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BCM® Bus Converter Rev 1.4 vicorpower.com Page 5 of 23 05/2015 800 927.9474 BCM380y475x1K2A31 Electrical Specifications Specifications apply over all line and load conditions, unless otherwise noted; Boldface specifications apply over the temperature range of -40 °C ≤ T

V0200A20A_RTN_CMNTY_CTR_CD: V0200A20A Return to Community Care Area Trigger Code: 589: V0200A20B_RTN_CMNTY_CPL_CD: V0200A20B Return to Community Addressed in Care Plan Code: 590: V0200B2_CAT_DT: V0200B2 Care Area Assessment Completion Date: 591: V0200C2_CARE_PLN_DT: V0200C2 Care Plan Completion Date: 592: X0100_TRANS_TYPE_CD: X0100 Type of ... The above description encapsulates the entire product series. Specifications for individual configurations may vary depending on the selection chosen.

The details given in our data sheets have to be followed carefully when installing the antennas and accessories. The limits for the coupling torque of RF-connectors, recommended by the connector manufacturers must be obeyed. Any previous datasheet issues have now become invalid. Page 2 of 2 742271V03. Internet: www.kathrein.de. KATHREIN-Werke KG . Slimline760 Series. are new generation high density hot-swap Front-Ends for Networking and DataCom applications that utilize 12V Bus Architecture. With a power density of 17.5W/in. 3 . and efficiency of Up to 92%, these “GREEN” power solutions help system designers satisfy increasing demands for reduced energy consumption, smaller size Item attributes (VMRS and UPC) Item Id Item Name UPC *** 602465200 767653365404-^CN325605 COST OF CUT ^KSM4041380 COST OF PLATING ^N244014 ^N244014R ^N244030