Psa rubber sheets

Silicone Rubber Sheets and Strips One layer of fiberglass cloth is inserted between two layers of silicone rubber to give these sheets and strips the strength to stand up to high stress and flex. Use them as flange gaskets and anywhere heavy compression would squeeze nonreinforced silicone rubber out of place.

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Foam Backed Sheets; PSA Sheets; Abrasive Sheets. 3 2/3" X 9" Sheets; 4 1/2" X 11" Sheets; 4 1/2" X 5 1/2" Sheets; 9" X 11" Sheets; Cloth/Poly Sheets (Plain) Delta - 4" x 5 3/4" Vac; Dry Wall; Festool - Sheet; Flutter Sheets; Klingon sheets; Long Board Files; Paper Sheets (Plain) PSA Sheets; Screen Sheets; Vonnegut Loadings; Bonded Abrasives ... Home > Products > Rubber Products > Rubber Sheet Packing DAR carries a wide variety of rubber sheets in various compounds and thicknesses, and is available by the lineal yard, (some styles are available by the square foot). Midwest Rubber is a manufacturer of Custom Rubber Products. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer our customers close thickness tolerance, special compounding, and small minimum requirements. This PSA-backed cellular rubber is a blend of closed cell neoprene and SBR rubber. Learn about the properties of this closed cell sponge here!

Dynamic® provides the waterproof benefits of a hard-set adhesive while aggressively retaining PSA-like surface tack. ... Rubber (tile and sheet), WPC/WSC, Cork ...