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The TDA1308 is an integrated class-AB stereo headphone driver contained in an SO8 or a TSSOP8 plastic package. The device is fabricated in a 1 μm Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) process and has been primarily developed for portable digital audio applications.

DATA SHEET Product specification Supersedes data of August 1991 July 1994 INTEGRATED CIRCUITS TDA7052A/AT 1 W BTL mono audio amplifier with DC volume control TDA2050 datasheet, TDA2050 datasheets, TDA2050 pdf, TDA2050 circuit : STMICROELECTRONICS - 32W Hi-Fi AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER ,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors.

Thanks to the wide voltage range and to the high output current capability it is able to supply the highest power into both 4- Ω and 8- Ω loads. The built-in muting function with turn-on delay simplifies the remote operation avoiding on-off switching noises. An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications, intellectual property matters and other important disclaimers. PRODUCTION DATA. LM386 SNAS545C –MAY 2004–REVISED MAY 2017 LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier 1 1 Features 1• Battery Operation • Minimum ...

board similar to the ones shown in this data sheet, it is sometimes necessary to modify the layout somewhat to suit the physical requirements of a particular application. When designing a different layout, it is important to return the load ground, the output compensation ground, and the low level (feedback and input) grounds to the TDA2050 32W Hi-Fi AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER HIGH OUTPUT POWER (50W MUSIC POWER IEC 268.3 RULES) HIGH OPERATING SUPPLY VOLTAGE (50V) SINGLE OR SPLIT SUPPLY OPERATIONS VERY LOW DISTORTION SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION (OUT TO GND) THERMAL SHUTDOWN DESCRIPTION The TDA 2050 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt package, intended for use as an audio