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For example, I don't currently have access to the datasheet for the ATMega8515, but this AVR Freaks' thread quotes the datasheet for the ATMega168 and states, in part, as follows: Quote: By using ICR1, the OCR1A Register is free to be used for generating a PWM output on OC1A. Hi Every Body Do you know how to build simple ATMEGA 128 Programmer. I Have tried STK200/300 Schematic (Interfaced with LPT ) But I had Used 74LS244 instead of 74HC244 .But It Doesn't work.

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Como o número de escritas na EEPROM não é ilimitado — a Atmel especifica 100.000 ciclos de escrita nos seus datasheets — uma boa rotina de escrita na EEPROM deve comparar o conteúdo do endereço da EEPROM a ser escrito com o valor desejado a ser gravado e fazer a escrita apenas se o conteúdo precisar ser modificado. Asynchronous Counters use flip-flops which are serially connected together so that the input clock pulse appears to ripple through the counter. An Asynchronous counter can have 2 n -1 possible counting states e.g. MOD-16 for a 4-bit counter, (0-15) making it ideal for use in Frequency Division applications.