12sl7gt datasheet

Title: 25L6GT 12L6GT 50L6GT Author: General Electric Subject: JA-FP-2001-02-02 Created Date: 2/2/2001 10:36:42 PM

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Data sheet; 12SK7 Tung-Sol p 12SK7.pdf (219404 bytes) 12SK7 General Electric p 6SK7.pdf (349513 bytes) 12SK7G Tung-Sol p 12SK7.pdf (219404 bytes) 12SK7GT RCA (HB3) p 12SK7.pdf (57775 bytes) 12SK7GT Tung-Sol p 12SK7.pdf (219404 bytes) 12SL7GT Title: 12SJ7 12SJ7GT 6SJ7 6SJ7GT Author: Tung-Sol Subject: JA-FP-2005-11-20 Created Date: 11/20/2005 12:39:22 PM

Equivalent and similar tubes with different bases. This list was expanded from a list here (thanks to Jim Cross!). The Bold listings are shown as equivalents in a tube manual, and could probably be sustituted without any changes other than rewiring (but check dissipation rating for power tubes!). rca datasheets. 1327 files presented. 00a 01a 0a2 0a3-a 0a3 0a4-g 0b2 0c2 0c3-a 0c3 0d3-a 0d3 0y4 0z4-a 0z4-g 0z4 1-v 105 10al11 10de7 10dr7 10dx8 10eg7 10em7 10gf7-a 10gf7 10gn8 10hf8 10ja8 10le8 11 112-a 117g3 117l7-gt_117m7-gt 117n7-gt 117p7-gt 117z4-gt 117z6-gt_g 11ar11 11cy7 11ds5 11hm7 11kv8 11lq8 11_12 12 12a5 12a6 12a7 12a8-gt_g 12ab5 12ac6 12ad6 12ae6-a 12ae7 12af3 12af6 12ah7-gt ... Title: 6SL7GT 12SL7GT Author: General Electric Subject: JA-FP-2000-12-26 Created Date: 12/26/2000 8:39:03 PM