Ultra high purity argon msds sheet

It eliminates the guesswork when choosing which grade of pure gas is correct for you application – one level of purity meets most requirements recommended for most carrier, purge and zero gases, making ALPHAGAZ™ 1 a cost-effective choice for just about any laboratory, analytic, process control and scientific research application.

Oxychem supplies a range of Industrial, Medical & Specialized gases with a manufacturing facility is located at Al Ghayl Industrial Park, R.A.K., U.A.E

Safety Data Sheet – Argon SDS Number: 003A Air Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd 2/4 ARGON / Rev 3 / 2016-02 5. FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES system for suitability, Suitable extinguishing media : All known extinguishing media can be used. Description: SRM 640c is a high purity electronic grade silicon powder with a median particle size of 4.9 µm. A unit of SRM 640c consists of approximately 7.5 g of silicon powder bottled under argon. Other Designations: Silicon Powder (silicon; silicon powder, amorphous) Name Chemical Formula CAS Registry Number Silicon Si 7440-21-3 Praxair Material Safety Data Sheet 1. Chemical Product and Company Identification Product Name: Methane, compressed (MSDS No. P-4618-F) Trade Names: Methane Chemical Name: Methane Synonyms: Marsh gas, methyl hydride, fire damp, sewer gas, refrigerant gas R50 Chemical Family: Alkane Product Grades: 1.3, 2.0, 3.7-Ultra High Purity, 5.0-Research MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (MSDS) ARGON. DATE: February 2012 Version 2 Page 1 of 2 Ref. No.: MS085 1 PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION E Product Name Argon Chemical Formula Ar Trade Names Argon, Compressed Argon, High Purity (N4.8) Argon, Instrument grade (N5.0) Colour coding Argon Compressed Peacock blue (F.08) body Argon High Purity.(N4.8)

Ultra High Purity, 5.0 3000 series regulators Semiconductor, 5.0 3000 series regulators Vehicle Emission Zero, 4.8 2000 series regulators Zero, 4.8 2000 series regulators High Purity, 4.8 2000 series regulators. 4012 Series – Critical Purity Regulators for Corrosive Service (see page E • 244) i. Products are also available in larger