Ge lexan polycarbonate sheet

At this stage we are not aware of any transparent polycarbonate sheets that can pass OSU 65/65 even with flame retardant additives. We are aware of opaque polycarbonate sheet that can pass this test such as the Lexan XHR.6000 and the halogen free Ultem 1668A.

Sheet, Rod, Tube, and Film...Cut To Size. Low minimum order on in-stock items. Same day shipping on most orders Lexan™ 8B35 is a one side velvet, one side matte transparent polycarbonate film, ideal for graphic arts applications. It offers excellent clarity and distortion-free optics in all thicknesses and gauges. High temperature re

Polycarbonate GE Lexan Marguard II MR10 Sheet Lexan® Margard Cut Sheet This Lexan (R) Margard sheet has maximum toughness, with mar resistance approaching that of glass, and significantly improved resistance to weathering. Polycarbonate GE Lexan® XL10 Sheets Lexan® XL10 sheet has a coextruded UV resistant surface treatment applied to one side to protect the Lexan against UV degradation (yellowing). LEXAN® XL10 sheet offers an unmatched combination of durability and formidability for a wide variety of sloped glazing and overhead applications.

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