Brunnstrom grading sheet

Purpose of the measure. The Motor Assessment Scale (MAS) is a performance-based scale that was developed as a means of assessing everyday motor function in patients with stroke (Carr, Shepherd, Nordholm, & Lynne, 1985).

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Endometrial stromal sarcoma (ESS) is a rare malignant tumor of the uterus, which accounts for <2% of all uterine malignancies and approximately one-fifth of all uterine sarcomas (1,2). ESS can be classified into low and high grade according to the tumor characteristics. THE CHEDOKE ASSESSMENT SCORE FORM The Score Form for the Chedoke Assessment is reproduced at the end of this Chapter. Although copyrighted, we invite you to “COPY FREELY – DO NOT CHANGE.” Items in the motor domain have been derived from Twitchell’s 1951 description of the natural history of motor recovery following stroke and integrates Brunnstrom’s stages of motor recovery (Gladstone et al. 2002; Poole & Whitney, 2001). Items of the FMA are intended to assess recovery within the context of the motor system.

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