Memcpy man

[code c]copy_to_user[/code] is a function defined in the Linux kernel to copy data from kernel-space to user-space. It is defined in [code c]<asm/uaccess.h>[/code].

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Copies the values of num bytes from the location pointed to by source directly to the memory block pointed to by destination. The underlying type of the objects pointed to by both the source and destination pointers are irrelevant for this function; The result is a binary copy of the data. memcpy( dest, src, 0 ) What happens when the size paramater of memcpy is 0? Do the src and dest have to be valid? It doesn't say anything about this in the standard as far as I can tell. So presumably they do have to be valid even when the size is 0.

Converting strings to bytes and vice versa. Use these functions to convert a string of text to an unambiguous array of bytes and vice versa. In VB6/VBA, use the StrConv function. Dim abData() As Byte Dim Str As String Dim i As Long Str = "Hello world!" Jun 27, 2012 · I am developing a program that is loaded from flash and run from RAM. I am also using the EEPROM example files in my program. The example program to copy sections from on-chip flash to ram uses memcpy(), while the EEPROM example uses MemCopy() to run the FLASH API from RAM. I noticed the EEPROM ... -s: úgy állítja le a jobot, hogy még újra lehet indítani. &: Ha egy programot háttérben akarunk futtatni, akkor a futtatandó program neve után egy & jelet kell tenni.