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Great American Authors: Since 1650 Apply for Free Membership. Hosted by Jane Kaczmarek, this series presents the rich, literary tradition of American storytelling. No country has produced a more impressive group of writers in a shorter period of time than America.

The term Great American Novel (GAN) refers to a canonical novel that is thought to have captured the spirit of American life. These novels are generally written by Americans and deal in some way with the question of America's national character.

The following 10 African-American authors represent the most distinguished voices that have attempted to creatively journey through the African-American experience over the course of history. From Nobel Prize winners such as Toni Morrison to double NAACP prize winners such as Maya Angelou, each writer has contributed distinctly to create the ...The Great American Read is a new eight-part television and online series that explores the power of books and the joy of reading. Journey across the country with host Meredith Vieira to uncover ...

Great Listens from African American Authors. Contemporary Fiction. Mystery & Thriller. Sci-Fi. Fantasy. Horror. Talented Black authors stand out in all the major categories. Here are 15 must-listens from today's most acclaimed and top-selling African American authors. Read NowSo I decided to draw up a list-a list of major works that would serve as a starting point and overview of 20th Century American fiction. And then the trouble began. As you might imagine, there are all sorts of problems with any such list: what does important mean? are only American authors included? Are 1900 and 2000 meaningful start and end ...The course was born from Professor Weinstein's conviction that American literature is our "great estate," and that claiming this rightful inheritance—the living past and the lessons we can take from it—should be nothing less than a unique and joyous learning experience. Experience Two Centuries of America's Greatest Works Oct 12, 2003 · • Tibor Fischer on Celine's journey to the cutting edge of literature • Celine: great author and absolute bastard. 52. As I Lay Dying William Faulkner A strange black comedy by an American master.