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PP 506P is suitable for Food contact application. Detailed information is provided in relevant Material Safety Datasheet and for additional specific information please contact SABIC local representative for certificate. Storage and Handling PP resin should be stored to prevent a direct exposure to sunlight and/or heat. The storage area

HAL5xx 4 Micronas Unipolar Switching Sensors: The output turns low with the magnetic south pole on the branded side of the package and turns high if the mag- AN1431T, AN1431M Variable output shunt regulator Overview The AN1431T and AN1431M are highly accurate stabilized power supplies in which the output voltage can be adjusted in the range from approximately 2.5 to 36V under the operating temperature by using the external re-sistor. Because of its fast rising characteristic, it can be used

TSic 506F / 501F High precision, longterm stable temperature sensor IC 1/4 Product The TSic series of temperature sensor ICs are specifically designed as a low-power solution for temperature measurement in building automation, medical/pharma technologies, industrial and mobile applications. The TSic™ 506F/503F/501F Temperature Sensor IC For a fully calibrated and very accurate low power temperature measurement Benefits & Characteristics • Fully calibrated • Custom calibration and assembly available • Outstanding accuracy of +/- 0.1 K • Available with digital, analog and ratiometric output signal figurations to choose from (six on the PIC16F506), including INTOSC Internal Oscillator mode and the Power-Saving LP (Low-power) Oscillator mode. Power-Saving Sleep mode, Watchdog Timer and code protection features improve system cost, power and reliability. The PIC12F510/16F506 devices allow the customer to SR506 Datasheet, SR506 PDF, SR506 Data sheet, SR506 manual, SR506 pdf, SR506, datenblatt, Electronics SR506, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data sheet ... The TSic 506F/503F/501F Series of temperature sensor ICs is specifically designed as a low-power solution for temperature measurement in building automation, industrial and mobile applications. With a standard calibration and...

2 TMS320C54x DSP Functional Overview 1.1 Features Table 1–1 provides an overview the TMS320C54x, TMS320LC54x, and TMS320VC54x fixed-point, digital signal processor (DSP) families (hereafter referred to as the ’54x unless otherwise specified). The table shows significant features of each device, including the capacity of on-chip RAM and ROM, the Technical Reference TDS 500C, TDS 600B & TDS 700C Digitizing Oscilloscopes Performance Verification and Specifications 070-9874-02