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The new Mountaineer Heritage Season dates are Jan. 10-13, 2019. This will be a special deer and bear season, with only percussion side lock rifle (without scope), flintlock rifle (without scope), long bow or recurve bow permitted as legal weapons. Hunting in West Virginia is a time-honored tradition in which the majority of families have at least one member who participates on a regular basis. Each year more than 350,000 hunters take to West Virginia's woods in search of some sort of quarry. Whitetail deer, eastern wild turkey, and black bear are plentiful. West Virginia is blessed with ...

These documents contain a synopsis of the state hunting and trapping laws and regulations. For complete hunting and trapping laws and regulations, consult Minnesota Statutes and Rules of the DNR. New 'Mountaineer Heritage' hunting season kicks off Jan. 10 January will have something new in store for West Virginia’s deer and bear hunters. A brand-new four-day hunt — the “Mountaineer... The age limit for a youth hunting season is 17 years old or younger on the date when the hunt takes place. See page 26. Residents have the option of purchasing a hunting license and shooting range permit combo. See page 34. A fee increase on specific white-tailed deer and wild turkey permits will take effect October 16, 2019. See page 33. DNR will hold 12 public meetings across the state on March 11 and 12 to gather input on fall 2019 antlerless deer hunting opportunity recommendations to increase, decrease or stabilize deer populations in each of the 51 counties where firearms deer hunting is permitted. which will take place January 10-13, 2019. The new white-tailed deer and bear season will be open to hunters using primitive weapons – read the details on page 33. An increase in participation will lead to more customers for businesses, more license sales, and more equipment purchases.

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