Yl 1050 datasheet lm

GW PUSTA1.PM 2 Version 1.5 | 2018-11-27 Ordering Information Type Color temperature Luminous Flux 1) Ordering Code I F = 1050 mA Φ V GW PUSTA1.PM-MENB-XX510-1 2200 K 360 ... 420 lm Q65112A7692

Applying – Apply Chemlok 218 adhesive to clean surfaces by brush, dip, spray, roll coat or any method that gives uniform coating and avoids excessive runs and tears. For optimum adhesion, dry fi lm thickness of Chemlok 218 adhesive should be 19.05-31.75 micron (0.75-1.25 mil). Chemlok 219 adhesive is an excellent primer to use with

Technical data sheet SMD 5050 RGB http://www.yuanlei-led.com Judgment Criteria : Caution : 1 、 After open the package, the LED should be kept at 25 o C, 6 5 % RH ... Download 18 Act Card Reader PDF manuals. User manuals, Act Card reader Operating guides and Service manuals.

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